The simplest recipe to make sure all inhabitants cook

The simplest recipe: the height-adjustable Kitchen

For individuals with mobility impairments, performing everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning can be a challenge. One solution to this problem is the use of height-adjustable kitchen furniture, such as countertops, cabinets, and sinks.

But how effective is this type of furniture?

For starters, it allows individuals to customize the height of their work surfaces to meet their specific needs. Height-adjustable kitchen furniture can also help to promote independence for individuals with mobility impairments. By allowing them to perform everyday tasks more easily and without assistance, it can help to improve their quality of life and overall sense of wellbeing.

Multi-functional kitchens are flexible and offer a wide range of individual solutions for sheltered housing, special schools, nursing homes, training and institutional kitchens, and private homes. All height-adjustable systems can be hidden and operated either electrically or manually. Easy to fit, the systems are stable, safe, and made only of top-quality materials.

Not adjustable but adapted

At Stories we meet a lot of different situations, because your home is unique and your way of living is too. For example, in 2016, Phillipe adapted his whole space to his wheelchair. Tables, worktops, everything he could and that was actually brilliant. When he called us he said “I anticipated everything I could. But not the fact that my two teenage sons would be tired of lowing-down all the time. I told them ‘Welcome to a disabled life!’, I like to be picky with them. But now I want them to cook for me as well. So I found you”.

The right ingredients for all inhabitants to cook

Having the worktop adjusted to the perfect height, makes a big difference for each activity. Different heights are needed to knead the dough, stir pots, chop vegetables, or wash up. Height adjustments is ideal in different situations:

  • To meet the needs of different inhabitants, tall, small, standing, or seated

  • It can be adjusted over time as the inhabitant’s needs change, which can help to extend the useful life of the furniture

  • To perform everyday tasks more easily and independently.

  • To give confidence and self-esteem to all cookers

  • It offers space for multiple cookers and multiple heights adjusted worktops simultaneously

Use case from a healthcare facility

The kitchens are also designed in a way that enables all the centre’s residents to use them – regardless of their degree of mobility. They are fitted with, amongst others, height-adjustable tabletops without base units and 4Single table frames which, naturally, are height-adjustable too.

The result is living facilities with simplicity, clarity and safety. The users get flexible, ergonomic and user-friendly rooms with the required aids for a more independent everyday life. At the same time, the care workers can enjoy a good and healthy working environment, where they avoid heavy lifting during the workday.


I like to use the kitchen now because I can help my mum and dad, and I can hang out with my friends.


The residents get the right aids, and the care workers get the optimum working environment

Skovgården care and rehabilitation centre

Being able to cook for myself has helped with my general confidence as I no longer have to rely on other people when I am hungry



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