Stories Equipment

The inhabitant at the heart of the habitat

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Stories Equipment

Stories Equipments is part of the whole “Stories” adventure. Lou and Franck, our two Co-founders met in 2017. Together they melt their expertise to create an incredible adventure to make living spaces ready to support stay-at-home for all: abled people as well as disabled people.

Keeping up with the work, they are waiting for new regulations at state levels, so all private investors and constructors will figure out it is more advantageous to build accessible dwellings from the beginning.

  • Stories Equipment – Import, distribute and assemble assistive equipments

  • Stories Real Estate – Real Estate programs of universal dwellings

  • Stories Services – Coming soon

Stories Values

Provide diagnostic, construction, automation services, and assistive equipment for living spaces to maintain the autonomy of inhabitants

The inhabitant at the heart of the habitat


Whether you are a homeowner, a loved one looking to support your family, or even a Healthcare facility operator, we have solutions to support you

I just needed small adjustments for my parents. They have owned their house since 1990 and they love it, even though it is becoming a bit unadapted. I chose the light beaconing by night integrated with the sliding doors. Stories made this project very simple to undertake

I adapted the entire kitchen to my height 7 years ago but I didn’t anticipate that my sons would find it difficult to bend down all the time. I asked Stories for a kitchen and furniture with variable height and it’s great


Our facility was looking for assistive equipment for not only the residents but also the workers. One of our pain points is the fall detection situation. We are still surprised by the floor Stories set up in our facility. So reliable and efficient, thank you

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