A team of building experts specialized in assistive equipment

Working together as a team of building and assistive equipment experts can be of great benefit to people who wish to remain at home or in care facilities. By combining our expertise, we create living spaces that are adapted to a person’s specific needs and limitations. But also spaces that are adapted to the rest of the residents, whether able-bodied or not. The result is a safe and comfortable environment that promotes independence and improves overall quality of life.

  • Kitchen | Height adjustable worktops and cupboards

  • Bathroom | Motorised shower seat and height-adjustable furniture

  • Living spaces | Invisible floor fall detector with light and sound signals in the space (remote as an option)

  • Doors | Sliding doors (opening can be automated depending on movement)

  • Night lighting | Automatic night lighting when motion is detected

Your Turnkey project

Talking to professionals who understand both the needs related to disabilities and the lifestyle of disabled individuals can be incredibly beneficial, especially for those who live with able-bodied individuals. We can provide information on how to address the challenges of daily life while ensuring the needs of all residents are met. We also offer practical advice and professional support, thus contributing to creating a more accommodating living space dynamic.

A turnkey project for renovating a space offers many advantages to homeowners or healthcare facilities. It allows for a single point of contact for all aspects of the project, from design to finishing and construction. This ensures that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the required specifications. It also reduces stress and hassle as we take care of all the details.

The first meeting typically lasts between one and two hours. We discuss the project as you envision it (as some of the best solutions often come from your ideas!), how you want to live with your family, or how you want the space to function with you and the residents of your facility, your timelines, and your budget. Finally, we conduct a site visit with the sharp eye of our building experts to anticipate the necessary work.


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From the living areas, to the bathroom, taking a swing by the kitchen: we have what you need

FALL DETECTIONThe assistive floor
Discover SensFloo®, the world champion of fall detection for your homes and healthcare facilities
MOTORIZED SHOWERThe high safety shower
Discover the multiple award-winning shower cabin and its motorized seat to enter and exit the shower
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE The assistive kitchen
Discover the perfect kitchen for all inhabitants with height-adjustable worktops, cupboards, and more


Whever you are a home owner, a loved one looking to support your family, or even a Healthcare facility operator, we have solutions to support you

I just needed small adjustments for my parents. They have owned their house since 1990 and they love it, even though it is becoming a bit unadapted. I chose the light beaconing by night integrated with the sliding doors. Stories made this project very simple to undertake

I adapted the entire kitchen to my height 7 years ago but I didn’t anticipate that my sons would find it difficult to bend down all the time. I asked Stories for a kitchen and furniture with variable height and it’s great


Our facility was looking for assistive equipment for not only the residents but also the workers. One of our pain points is the fall detection situation. We are still surprised by the floor Stories set up in our facility. So reliable and efficient, thank you


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