Disabled kids and challenges

Children with disabilities and their families face several challenges at home, including limited accessibility, inadequate resources, and social isolation. Parents must often provide ongoing care and support while managing financial and emotional stress. Children with disabilities may experience difficulty with everyday tasks, such as dressing, bathing, and mobility, which can impact their self-esteem and independence. Some basic examples of everyday challenges we can support you with:

  • Limited Accessibility | Stairs, narrow doorways, and inadapted bathrooms

  • Inadequate Resources | Assistive equipment, construction contractor

  • Emotional and Financial Stress | Administrative paperwork, charity donations

  • Comfort By Night | Speakers in different rooms and light beaconing

Why Stories Kids

Because we love kids! After our first 5 projects dedicated to home adaptation for families with disabled kids, it became obvious: we will have a dedicated department and dedicated resources for you.

Stories Kids benefits families thanks to our capacity to analyze the way of living of all inhabitants. Your kid has sisters and brothers, sometimes both parents work, and sometimes, one of the parents stays at home to be the caretaker. And sometimes, your kid is partially institutionalized.

Our job is to take into account the way you all live at home. Also, the way you will grow old in that same space. Sisters and brothers will become teenagers, parents might want to grow old in the house. We think forward with you, for short term solutions as well as long term ones.

That is basically what our vision means “The inhabitant at the heart of the habitat”. Maybe we should have written “The inhabitants at the heart of the habitat”. That is definitely an upcoming discussion for our brand manager.


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From the living areas, to the bathroom, taking a swing by the kitchen: we have what you need

FALL DETECTIONThe assistive floor
Discover SensFloo®, the world champion of fall detection for your homes and healthcare facilities
MOTORIZED SHOWERThe high safety shower
Discover the multiple award-winning shower cabin and its motorized seat to enter and exit the shower
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE The assistive kitchen
Discover the perfect kitchen for all inhabitants with height-adjustable worktops, cupboards, and more


Whever you are a home owner, a loved one looking to support your family, or even a Healthcare facility operator, we have solutions to support you

I asked for quotations from different contractors and it took me a year with the administrations. In the end, none of the contractors knew how to install the medical equipment. When we found Stories, it was a relief. They did all the work and installed everything

Finding the money to finance home work is a challenge I’ve never thought I would face one day. Stories helped us navigate all solutions and they even participate in a running challenge to raise money for us! As much as we had to wait for administrative answers, the past 4 months with felt like support


Stories had ideas I was really surprised about. I’m alone at home caring for the house and the kids, they found affordable solutions and they adapted the planning so we could be more comfortable during the work. Sometimes I just called to have a nice discussion, thank you


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