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Discover SensFloor®, The World Champion Of Fall Detection

Falls are a major health concern, especially for older adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults. In fact, one in four adults aged 65 and older falls each year, and falls are responsible for over 95% of hip fractures in this age group. Fortunately, there are many devices on the market that can help prevent and detect falls, including fall detection floors.

But how effective are these devices compared to other fall detection technologies?

Fall detection floors are designed to detect falls in real-time. SensFloor® is equipped with sensors that can detect changes in pressure, such as those caused by a person falling to the ground. When a fall is detected, the system can automatically alert a loved one in another room, a caregiver, or emergency services, depending on your preferences.

Compared to other fall detection technologies, SensFloor® offers several advantages

For example, SensFloor® is completely passive, meaning that inhabitants or residents don’t need to remember to wear a device or activate it in the event of a fall. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with memory issues or other cognitive impairments

high level of accuracy

Because the entire floor is equipped with sensors, falls can be detected from any location, even if the individual falls in an area that is not directly in front of a traditional fall detection device. How is that possible? Because there are several features that can be activated on demand, such as:

  • You choose the alert triggering system. It can be lights inside the dwelling, flashing and sounding to warn someone inside. A remote message on the phone of a loved one. Or directly messaging an emergency professional support such as firefighters in your area.

  • If there is no walking detected in the room in the middle of the night after a wake-up: it can trigger an alarm that possibly leads to discovering a fall in the bathroom, or an unusual and an expected night walk

  • For the healthcare professional, it is possible to measure the average speed of walking and compare it to other months. It is valuable information for preventing cognitive decline. Simply monitor other aspects of a resident’s health and well-being, such as gait analysis and activity tracking.
  • The floor can make the difference between a wheelchair and an able individual. That could be linked to automated simple actions. Such as a wheelchair is detected in the kitchen the height-adjustable furniture automatically goes down. Or the sliding doors automatically open up.

  • The floor can also be part of your security system. It is pet friendly but it can trigger intrusion information if you want that feature as well

Balance the benefits and do the maths

Other fall detection technologies, such as wearable devices like wristbands or necklaces, offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Wearable devices generally have monthly fees to pay for. In the US it is between 30 and 90$ a month depending on options.

Let’s just say it is around 60$ per month for 4 years. Which leads us to 2880$. That represents 14 meters square of floor we could install for unlimited use of time at your place in identified risky areas. And you would never get worried about the reliability, or wearing a device on you.

It is there and it would support you whenever the time of the day, wherever you are in the space.


The technology has been specifically designed to detect falls and trigger automation systems such as lighting, whilst recording resident activity for history playback for staff handover
Whether a resident is in a small serviced room where they’re check on regularly or for those who don’t yet need 24/7 support, and live in serviced apartments, with SensFloor under the flooring, staff can monitor each resident during the day and night
For me, SensFloor was an absolute stroke of luck – exactly the kind of technology I had imagined: security that you can’t see.
Maria Simmler, CEO senior citizens' residence in Weismain


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