A team of building experts specialized in assistive equipment Working together as a team of building and assistive equipment experts can be of great benefit to people who wish to remain at home or in care facilities. By combining our expertise, we create living spaces that are adapted [...]



Certified at a european level for the best quality European assistive equipment is known for its high quality and reliability. These devices are designed to assist people with disabilities and their families in their daily lives, allowing them to maintain their independence. European manufacturers adhere to strict regulations and [...]

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Disabled kids and challenges Children with disabilities and their families face several challenges at home, including limited accessibility, inadequate resources, and social isolation. Parents must often provide ongoing care and support while managing financial and emotional stress. Children with disabilities may experience difficulty with everyday tasks, such as dressing, [...]



A turnkey team for a turnkey project A full construction team with all the necessary expertise can bring significant value to a project. Rather than relying on multiple specialized teams, a full team can handle all aspects of the construction process efficiently and with a cohesive approach. This [...]



Funding administration that can help Funding administration can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with the right help, it can be a smooth and efficient experience. By working with experienced funding administrators, project owners can receive guidance on funding opportunities, application processes, and compliance requirements. This can help [...]

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