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A revolution in accessible bathing for seniors and individuals with reduced mobility. Designed with the utmost care, its innovative features ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Seamlessly adjust the cabin’s height and entrance for effortless entry. With easy-to-use controls, integrated seating, and thoughtful safety enhancements, our shower brings autonomy and joy back to daily routines. Embrace the future of inclusive bathing with our specialized solution.

Enhancing Accessibility: Motorized Cabin Showers vs. Adapted Showers for PRM and Elderly

As society embraces inclusivity, innovations in home design are playing a pivotal role in making daily life more accessible and comfortable for everyone, including individuals with reduced mobility (PRM) and the elderly. Among these innovations, motorized cabin showers and adapted showers stand out as solutions that aim to provide an enhanced bathing experience. But how effective are these options, and what sets them apart? Let’s delve into the comparison.

Motorized Cabin Showers: Elevating Independence

Motorized cabin showers represent a leap forward in accessible bathing. These showers feature dynamic height adjustments and adaptable entrance systems, allowing users to effortlessly step in and out. The convenience of adjusting the cabin’s height caters to individuals with varying mobility levels, making it an excellent option for both PRM and the elderly.

The motorized feature eliminates the need for complex physical adjustments, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience. Additionally, integrated seating and thoughtful safety features add to the convenience. The customizable settings accommodate individual preferences, enhancing independence while promoting relaxation.

Adapted Showers: Tailored Solutions

Adapted showers, on the other hand, involve modifying the existing shower area to suit the needs of PRM and elderly users. These modifications can include installing grab bars, non-slip flooring, and low-threshold entrances. While adapted showers are valuable for transforming existing spaces, they might lack the dynamic adjustments offered by motorized cabin showers.

The effectiveness of adapted showers depends on the extent of modifications and the initial bathroom layout. They can provide a suitable solution for those seeking cost-effective alternatives and are often tailored to fit individual preferences and requirements.

Choosing the Right Solution

When deciding between a motorized cabin shower and an adapted shower, several factors come into play. The level of mobility and independence of the user, the existing bathroom layout, and budget considerations are key factors to consider.

Motorized cabin showers

  • Excel in providing a more streamlined and futuristic approach to accessible bathing. Their dynamic adjustments and integrated features enhance the bathing experience, allowing users to maintain their dignity and independence.

Adapted showers

  • While not as dynamic as motorized cabin showers, offer tailored solutions for individuals with specific needs. They are adaptable to existing bathroom spaces and can be a cost-effective way to enhance accessibility.

Choosing the Right Solution

Excel Shower is a key piece of equipment to consider if the features you want are

  • Easy To Use – Easy access and possibility to use the shower independently or with the help of a caregiver
  • Effective Assistance – Designed to offer the possibility of simultaneous use by people with disabilities, seated and caregivers
  • Perfect For The Whole Family – By the width of its box, it can be used by all family members
  • While not as dynamic as motorized cabin showers, offer tailored solutions for individuals with specific needs. They are adaptable to existing bathroom spaces and can be a cost-effective way to enhance accessibility.

  • Adjustable Seat – Easy use of the adjustable seat, according to all needs

  • Remote Control – It is equipped with a remote control that regulates the seat and activates the rotation movement of the door
  • reduced Dimension And Contemporary Design – it is easily adaptable to any type of bathroom by its minimum space required and its current design


This is the first time I’ve taken a shower alone in a long time. It allows me to access the shower with an autonomy I thought I’d never have back
Juanita Spain

I had an accident. And my legs will never recover. I saw the shower at a fair and I bought it. My life is easier, and it gives me real comfort to have my toilet experience for myself without help.

Dave France

Taking care of my partner is a full-time job I do happily. But I want to share my enthusiasm since we installed the shower. We can take the shower together again and it’s lovely



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